What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is software for voice communication over the Internet using VoIP technology. Supports conference calls that are formed as separate chat channels. The program is designed for the needs of gamers and allows users to communicate during the game. This allows players to coordinate their actions through voice communication in which their hands remain free for gaming control devices (joystick, keyboard, mouse, etc.).

Where is our TeamSpeak server?

Server USA (us.iTzGame.ml)
Country: USA
IP Address / Hostname: us.itzgame.ml
Port: 9987

Can I have a permanent channel?

Yes, you can have your channel.
You will get full administrator rights to your channel, you can create public or private subchannels in your channel.

How to get your permanent channel?

Very easy and fast,
just visit our website https://itzgame.ml/teamspeak3-free-permanent-channel and make an order.
Within 3 business days we will process it and send you an email information for your channel and unique Privilege Key, which can verify that you are an administrator of this channel.
Then you will have full rights over your channel.